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Play Instruction:

1.Insert Coin to start the game; 

2.Choose your game; 

3.Shoot the water at the Fire ghost and make it dissolve, then win score. Press the start button when the “power bar” is full, it’s the “Super Power” function it can dissolve all fire ghosts at once. 

4.Collect your tickets when game over.

BH200b Fire Man II

  • BH200b Fire Man II
BH200b Fire Man II
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《BH200b Fire Man II》is our company independently developed a carnival lottery class amusement machine, designed for mass entertainment and an indoor amusement machine, it has a pure and fresh and lovely appearance, the machine stability, and easy to understand, is the best recreational amusement products, also between parents and children leisure entertainment machine.

Product features:

1. The appearance design is beautiful and elegant, with bright and exquisite patterns. Square tube, Angle iron, sheet metal, splint and other materials are selected for making.

2. Large scale integrated circuit is adopted, with integrity built in, stable and reliable performance.

3. The game program and revenue ratio are fine and adjustable.

4. The body is covered with colorful LED lights, which can be changed and replaced in a cycle, attracting eyeballs.